What is OpenCart?

In order to possess online shop made with less time and effort, then OpenCart is definitely the solution you’re looking for. You’ll possess quite a few attributes accessible to you right from the box. Aided by the user–friendly OpenCart admin user interface, you will get your e–store ready very quickly.

With OpenCart, it is also possible to add a large quantity of items, with an overview for every one. The app supports several currencies, with brand new ones getting integrated with every new version. There’s 20 distinct payment gateways supported, from PayPal to Klarna, and you’ll discover 8 delivery solutions accessible. And if you’re looking for more, you may always increase the main capability with one of the various 100 percent free extensions that can be obtained for OpenCart.

OpenCart is a registered trademark of OpenCart Limited and is not connected with Patriot Internet.

OpenCart–Optimized Cloud Website Hosting Service Services

When you run an e–store, it’s important to utilize an effective hosting service provider which can guarantee that your web site will be up and running, in all cases. At Patriot Internet, we’ve developed optimized OpenCart cloud website hosting service solutions that include a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. And thanks to Patriot Internet’s tailor made cloud website hosting system and network setup, we are able to maintain our guarantee each day.

The OpenCart–optimized cloud website hosting service plans come with infinite disk space, infinite traffic and limitless MySQL database storage space quotas. Therefore, it won’t really make a difference how many website visitors or items you’ve got – you won’t run out of traffic or disk space. And we also are able to configure and set up OpenCart effortlessly on your behalf, as early as you order your account.

A Point & Click Web Hosting Control Panel

The OpenCart–optimized cloud website hosting service bundles are furnished with an comfortable Web Hosting Control Panel, that has been completely designed by us. It is offered in over 10 languages and colors, so you’re able to 100% customize it to your liking. The Control Panel has a user–friendly interface having a host of tools, which will offer you maximum control over your web store’s content.

While in the Control Panel you can find a drag–and–drop File Manager where your OpenCart files will be placed, a Database Manager for your personal databases, and also a feature–rich Mail Account Manager via which you can administer your e mail interaction. Also, we’ve integrated a complete statistics tool, which will furnish you with real–time details about your site traffic and resource usage.